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Biographie Nobody likes oven-like, stuffy and smelly kitchen, especially when you spend most of your time in the kitchen. Ventilation in the kitchen is often overlooked by the majority of kitchen users, but the truth is that the ventilation is just as important as the cleanliness.

It is important to keep in mind that a good Commercial Kitchen Ventilation will improve the performance as well as the health of kitchen staffs. A well-ventilated kitchen could greatly help in controlling kitchen temperature and air quality.

The following are some reasons for equipping the kitchen with a proper ventilation system like Fume Extractor:

Control kitchen temperature and enhance air quality

The kitchen can get hot and grimy easily because cooking and preparing food generates heat, smoke, grease and odours. Installing a functional ventilation system is the easiest way to control kitchen temperature and improve the air quality. It works by expelling the hot air from your kitchen and creating a constant circulation of air within your kitchen. The elimination of impurities such as heat, smoke and fumes can greatly improve air quality for a pleasant and more comfortable kitchen environment.

Reduce energy loss

Without proper ventilation system in your kitchen, having fans alone might be ineffective in removing hot and contaminated air out from the kitchen. No matter how fast the fan blades spin, air impurities will remain stagnant, not to mention that the resulting energy consumption would be just as high. With some sort of ventilation system, cool air would be removed together with the smoke and hot air, causing the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system to regenerate cool air to maintain optimal temperature. Thus, a proper ventilation system can help reduce energy loss and at the same time effectively improve air circulation of the entire kitchen.

Eliminate odours

Insufficient kitchen ventilation is the main culprit for pesky cooking smells. Unfortunately, no matter how little or heavily you cook, awful cooking odours will still linger around your kitchen. Therefore, a kitchen ventilation system can help you combat such smells. It filters the air from the kitchen and ensures regular air flow into the kitchen. An optimal air flow rate helps to prevent unpleasant odours from taking over your house or restaurant. Hence, all types of kitchen should have a ventilation system to prevent pungent cooking smells.

Avoid contamination of exhaust systems

Regular maintenance of kitchen ventilation system is a big must. The ducts, hoods and fans of the ventilation systems can be easily contaminated by the smoke, steam and grease residue that results from cooking. If you leave the exhaust system unclean, it can lead to unwanted damage. So, the exhaust system must be inspected regularly and you should always keep the system clean at all times. Besides, a well-designed kitchen ventilation that features a filtration membrane can effectively help to reduce the amount of residues trapped on the exhaust system.

In short, having proper kitchen ventilation can greatly help in controlling the temperature and air quality, reducing energy loss, eliminating odours and avoiding contamination. 
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